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Event Farm provides an integration with Zoom webinars using native integration with Zoom. Once an event organizer connects their Zoom account to Event Farm, they will be able to view upcoming webinars/meetings and connect a selected webinar/meeting to an event. From there, they will be able to automatically add registrants as guests register and send out branded emails with the guest’s unique join URL. Also when a guest joins the webinar/meeting, the guest will be marked as checked in on the event’s guest list.


Table of Contents

  1. Prerequisites

  2. Installation

  3. Setting Up Your Event

  4. Webinar or Meeting Configuration

  5. Connecting Your Event

  6. Uninstalling Zoom

  7. Troubleshooting


  1. You must have an Event Farm account. 
  2. You must have a paid Zoom account with a Zoom Video Webinar license and access to host webinars.
  3. To connect Zoom to your Event Farm event, you must be a Team Manager in Event Farm
  4. Your team has Web Conferencing enabled.
  5. You have created both an Event Farm event and a Zoom webinar you wish to connect.
  6. Your Zoom webinar/meeting must have registrations set to required.
  7. Your Zoom webinar/meeting must have registrant confirmation emails set to off.


Connect Zoom to EF

  1. If you are a Team Manager, log in to your Event Farm account here. From there, you will go to your My Account page where you can see your list of integrations, features, and stats. 


2. Click the Connect button next to the Zoom logo and this will take you to Zoom to authorize the Event Farm to access your Zoom information. Once you click Authorize, it will redirect you back to the My Account page that you came from.


3. Now click on the Connections button to verify that your Zoom account has connected to Event Farm.


4. You are now ready to use Zoom with Event Farm. 


Setting Up Your Event

  1. In order for your integration to work most effective, please make sure you you have setup your event properly and you have at least one access type created. Please refer to this guide to create an event and this guide to create a access type 

Webinar or Meeting Configuration

Setup your Webinar / Meeting (The steps are the same for meeting)

  1. Once you have linked your Zoom account to Event Farm, you are now ready to set up your Webinar. 
  2. Head over to Zoom to create your Webinar or Zoom to create your meeting. If you are having issues creating webinars or meetings, please refer to Zoom's own learning center here.
  3. Your webinar/meeting will need the following settings to work with the integration
    a. Registration required (Once you click this option, please click SCHEDULE for webinars or Save for a meeting at the bottom of the Zoom account before moving to step b)


    b. Turn ON manually approve registration, turn OFF Close registration after event date, turn OFF Allow attendees to join from multiple devices, turn OFF Show social share buttons on registration page




c. Confirmation emails from Zoom turned off. (This is so you brand the emails in the Event Farm platform.
You can only change this setting after creation




Connecting Your Event

Connect your Event Farm Event To Your Webinar/Meeting

  1. Once you have configured your webinar/meeting in Zoom, head over to your Event Farm account to connect it to your event.
  2. Login here
  3. Find your event listed in the All Events page
  4. Click on your event in the table which will take you to the Event Info page for that particular event.
  5. You will connect your webinar/meeting in the event location widget
    1. If you like to switch from Webinars to Meetings, use the Choose Web Conference Format dropdown.
    1. Click edit to open the widget.
    2. Change the location type to Virtual.
    3. Click Zoom.
    4. Select your Webinar in the searchable dropdown.
  6. Once you have selected your webinar or meeting, click save and your conference is now connected to your event.

Setup Your Event Emails To Include Join Url

  1. Once your event is connected to your meeting or webinar, it's time to set up your email to include the unique join url for your guests.
    1. When a guest registers for your event, we automatically add them as a registrant of your webinar/meeting.
    2. Each guest has a unique join url from Zoom that we can send through Event Farm for them to use to join your Zoom experience.
  2. Head over to the Event Farm email design tool to create your emails.
    1. You can add the join url to either your confirmation email or through a send a message design type
  3. To add the link, click on the [WEB_CONFERENCE_REGISTRANT_JOIN_URL] dynamic element to add it to your email and you are all set. (If the dynamic element does not show up, please make sure that you have selected either the Confirmation or Send A Message type for the email you are creating)
  4. Now when a guest receives their confirmation or an email through send a message, they will be able to click on the link to join the Zoom



Removing Zoom

Removing Zoom From Your Event Farm Account

  1. Removing Zoom from your team is very straightforward. The whole process can be handled within the Event Farm application or if need be, directly in Zoom.
  2. To remove within Event Farm
    1. Go to your My Account page
    2. Click on connections under integrations next to the Zoom logo
    3. Your list of active connections will show up
    4. Click on the trash icon next to the connection you want to remove
    5. Follow the prompt and click Remove

  3. To remove within Zoom
    1. Head to Zoom's Marketplace
    2. Click on Uninstall and follow the prompt




Fix Your Settings (Troubleshooting)

  1. If you forget a recommended setting while setting up your Webinar/Meeting, you see a list of warnings once you save the event location. From there, you can click Fix Settings if applicable and we will fix the settings in Zoom for you.

    a. Registration not set to required and manually approve is a required setting while the other warnings, but will hinder the experience



Quick Create (Troubleshooting)

  1. If you would like us to handle the creation of a webinar or meeting for you, can use the quick create option by clicking the + icon. This will create a conference with the preferred settings using the event name and start date. 


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