Synchronizing Styling

Oftentimes when editing an event site, the changes you are making should only apply to the element you have selected on the page.  But what about elements that should share a common style? 

For example, you may want the styling to be consistent for all text within the Agenda. To do this, follow the steps below to sync the styling: 

1. Begin by selecting any cell in the agenda table and perform any styling changes you wish to make in the Style Manager.  (In the gif below, we have modified the font, font color, font size, weight, and line height for a cell within Agenda on the Cupertino template. Notice that these changes have only affected the selected cell. )
2. Next, within the Classes section of the Style Manager, select the Sync 🔃action to update and apply the same styling to all of the cells within the Agenda table.


Troubleshooting Tips

Reverting Changes

In some cases, synchronizing styling changes may affect more elements on the page than you were anticipating.  Keep in mind that synchronization updates can be reversed by using the undo option on the toolbar.

Synchronization Changes Do No Appear to be Applied

In order for elements on the page to have their styling synchronized, they must have a common class name.  At times, you may be working on elements that have more than one class name. In order to have the changes apply, deselect all classes until only the common class name remains before choosing to Sync the changes across elements.



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