Messaging in EFx allows you to send SMS text messages to your guests when they check in, and any time during your event. Messages can be helpful for drawing your guests' attention to different parts of your event - the bar is now open (or closed!), a new speaker or panel will begin soon, a poll will be sent shortly, the photographer line has cleared out, or a thank-you at the end of the night as your guests depart.

Your guests will almost certainly be using their phones during the event - to take photos, maybe take notes, and definitely to text. (Does anyone go anywhere without texting?) Messaging keeps your event a part of the conversation!

Before taking your event and collecting registrations and/or RSVPs

  • Enable Mobile Phone Number under Registration Questions. You won't be able to send text messages without your guests' mobile numbers!
  • Confirm Messaging is enabled for your event.
    • In Event Farm, go to Experiential > Enabled Modules. Messaging should appear.
    • In EFx (iOS and Android), select your event. Messaging should be a tappable option.
  • Set up an SMS arrival greeting in Event Farm
    • This can also be done in EFx (iOS and Android). Select the event > Settings > enter Admin PIN > Configure Check-In.

Using Messaging during your event

  • Messages are configured on-the-fly. They can't be created and saved, and sent later.
  • Select Messaging, and enter your Admin PIN.
  • Type your message. Personalize the message with guests' first name, last name, email address, or mobile phone number.
  • Select Add Guests > Tap "0 / X" to select all checked-in guests, or tap the names of individual guests.
    • Segment further with Filters. Choose the Access Types to filter by, then return to Add Guests. Only guests that have the selected Access Types will show on Add Guests. To clear filters, select Filters > Clear All.
  • Once your message is typed, and you've selected which guests should receive it, tap Send!

To send a previous message

  • Select Messaging, and enter your Admin PIN.
  • Select Sent Messages > find the message to resend > Resend
    • Tapping the message itself will show who it was sent to, so be sure to tap Resend
  • You'll be taken back to the Send a Message screen, and the text from your previous message will show in the text field. Edit your text, choose the guests who will receive the message, and Send!

That's it! Sending text messages to your guest is simple and straightforward, and is a great way to keep guests engaged during your event!

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