Email Deliverability: Overview

Email deliverability is an important part of any event marketing tool. Event Farm works hard to ensure we adhere to mass-mailer best practices, which means when you send an email through Event Farm, you can trust we sent it.

But sending is only part of an email—the more important part is receiving! What good is an invitation if a guest doesn’t receive it? That’s where you come in. To ensure that emails are delivered to recipients, to maximize open rates, and to get high click-through rates, you’ll need to put in a little work. But the benefits are worth it.

First, let’s establish some baseline terms and numbers.

Accepted: The percentage of emails accepted by recipients’ email servers
Opened: The percentage of emails opened by recipients
Click-through: The percentage of users who clicked the link to the registration / RSVP form within the email
Bounced: The percentage of emails rejected by recipients’ email servers
Reported as spam: The percentage of emails marked as spam by recipients

Average Email PerformanceScreen_Shot_2018-11-12_at_11.16.59_AM.png

What it means, and maximizing results
While every email list, design, and send is different, the above should serve as a rough baseline for you and year team to gauge your performance and assess how you are doing until you identify what the “average” is for your use-case. For example, if you get reports that a couple individual guest emails ended up in spam, but you are seeing a 43% open rate, you are still right inline with the averages on Event Farm and should have no cause for major concern.

You will also notice that emails sent through Event Farm have almost twice as many opens, and three times the click-throughs, as industry averages. Email masking (Event Farm sends the email, but it appears to guests as coming from your organization) has even higher open and click-through rates.

Whether using Event Farm’s standard email system, email masking with Event Farm, or another event marketing tool, here are some steps you can take to maximize opens and click-throughs, and minimize bounces and spam reports.

What's next?

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  • Email Deliverability: Who, How, and When to SendSending emails is easy - driving engagement is what really takes time, thought, and effort. Here is how to make sure you are contacting the right people, the right way, at the right time to ensure you are maximizing your opens and click-throughs.
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