Canvas Overview

Canvas is our new event site page builder! Build beautiful event site pages by choosing from our eye-catching templates and customizing it to fit your brand and event. This video covers the following:

  • Choosing a template
  • Changing a Background image
  • Adjusting Element Dimensions
  • Changing the template background color
  • Editing Registration Button
  • Adding an Element
  • Removing a section
  • Duplicating a section
  • Adding links to sponsor logos and social media icons
  • Auto Save

Canvas Workspace



  • View Event Page: View your site page in a new window on your browser
  • Back to Site Pages: Select to go back to your Canvas Site Page List 
  • Back to Event Dashboard: Takes you back to your event


Responsive Previews: Allows you to preview how your site page will look on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile screen devices

  • Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_12.20.50_PM.pngSelect Borders icon to view a dotted border around all elements on the template 
  • Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_12.20.58_PM.pngSelect Preview icon to view the template within the full Working Draft Area without Editor Options on the right. To go back to the regular view, select Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_12.24.28_PM.png on the top left.
  • Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_12.21.06_PM.pngSelect Fullscreen icon for fullscreen Canvas Working Space
  • Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_12.41.31_PM.png Select Export icon to View the HTML and CSS code of site page, and to export the site code into a zip file
  • Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_12.40.24_PM.pngUndo
  • Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_12.40.31_PM.pngRedo
  • Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_12.40.38_PM.pngSelect Import icon to import outside HTML and CSS code to your site
  • Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_12.40.46_PM.pngSelect Clear Canvas icon to delete the entire template page and restart from scratch
  • Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_12.48.34_PM.pngStyle Manager Options (Settings, Advanced, Alignment, Background & Border, Dimension, Typography) appear when an element on the template is selected
  • Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_12.40.57_PM.pngSelect the Layers icon to view template element layers
  • Screen_Shot_2018-09-17_at_11.43.00_AM.pngSelect Blocks icon to select additional elements such as text, image, video, map, etc., to add to your event site

Savings Toolbar

  • Create Template from Design: Allows design to be saved as a template for your team account
  • Page Metadata: Page Name, Head Title, Head Description, Head Keywords and Social Media Image Link - enter information that further customizes your event page and helps to inform web browsers the content of your page 
  • Save: Select to Save template changes
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