Guest List upload template

This template provides an easy way to upload contacts to a group in Address Book, add guests to a Check-In Only event, or invite guests to a Full Platform event.

Templates are available in CSV and XLSX formats, and contain the following fields:

First and last names, or email address, are required for each guest. If sending invitations, it is best for each guest to have a unique email address, instead of using the same email address for multiple invitations.

Custom fields are not supported by Event Farm, and will not be uploaded. If additional information needs to be viewable, we recommend using Check-In Notes.

Learn how to create Address Book groups, and invite guests to an event.

The Quantity column can be used when uploading guests to the Guest List. T
he column must contain a number, and the Ticket Type column must be completed, for all guests. If a guest is not associated with a Ticket Type, the Quantity will default to one (1) for that guest.

Our system recognizes the following Statuses, if you choose to utilize the Status column: Confirmed by RSVP, Unconfirmed, Declined by RSVP, Registered, Not Yet Registered, Purchased, Not Yet Purchased, and Assigned. For Check-In only events, adding a guest as confirmed requires “Confirmed by RSVP” to be in the Status Field.

To upload Status, the Guest List must also contain Ticket Type and Quantity for each guest.

Invitation Notes
Invitation Notes can be used to enter any information that pertains to a guest for that specific event (ex: Sales Reps, PR Agent’s name). Invitation Notes are event-specific - they do not get saved to in Address Book nor do they follow the guest across events. Invitation Notes are visible on Guest List > Guest Invitation, and Reports.

Telephone looks for and validates for mobile phone numbers. We validate based on known phone number formats and country codes. US phone numbers may omit the country code, and can begin with the area code. All phone numbers can use parenthesis, dashes, spaces, or periods, to indicate separation between numbers. If your spreadsheet contains invalid phone numbers (which includes valid non-US phone numbers without a country code), we will not capture nor store that data.

Other is a contact-specific, rather than event-specific, field. This should be used for personal information about the contact that is unlikely to change frequently (similar to Address or Phone Number.) Other does not appear as a field in our Check In apps. We recommend using Check-In Notes for information about the guest that must be viewable within the apps, or Invitation Notes for event-specific information that does not need to be viewable within the apps.

Additional Notes
When the upload is complete, an email is sent to the event organizer, with information about the upload, as well as a link to download files showing Duplicates and Errors in the upload.

For information about which fields are viewable in Check-In, click here.



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