Payment processors available to use with Event Farm

Event Farm is compatible with the following payment processors:
PayPal Pro

Worldpay (formerly Vantiv)

Payments received using the above payment processors will go directly to your account.

Event Farm also offers our Stripe account, which is used automatically if tickets are sold for an event, and your payment processor has not been set up by your Customer Success Manager. Two withdrawals totaling up to 80% of the total revenue (minus processing and other fees indicated in your contract) for the event may be withdrawn prior to the event. Event Farm reserves 20% of the total revenue (minus fees) until 90 days after the event, to cover credit card chargebacks from guests. You may make withdrawals under Event Info > Withdraw Funds. A window appears showing the maximum amount that may be requested. For more information, see Withdrawing Funds.

To link your payment processor account with Event Farm, send the following information to your Customer Success Manager. Linking a payment processor can take up to 7 business days.
Login ID
Transaction Key

PayPal Pro
API Username
API Password
API Signature
Please do not send the your PayPal login and password. Those are different credentials, and should be kept private.

Private key
Plan Code

Public Key
Private Key

Secret Key
Publishable Key

Contact your Customer Success Manager for details

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