Reports overview

Event Farm has eleven reports to choose from, and they can be downloaded by selecting an event, then Reports > select Report Type from the dropdown menu > Name the report > Generate Report.

Reports are available to download as a CSV file, except the Graphical Check-In report, which is a PDF. CSV files can be opened with a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel or Apple's Numbers for Mac and iOS, then sorted, filtered, and otherwise manipulated to show the data you care about.

Reports may take a few minutes to create - most are ready within five minutes, but may take up to 20 minutes. Select Previously Generated Reports to see if your report is finished, and to view all requested reports for the event. The event organizer will receive an email each time a report is ready, with a link to download the report. Reports are available in Event Farm for 30 days after generation.

Guest List Reports
Guest List Summary: The most comprehensive report with guest information, including name, purchase method and amount, Check-In time, and more. Includes information for invited guests, and guests confirmed with a Public Purchase or Public Registration ticket.
Confirmed Guests: Guest Summary information for Confirmed guests only.
Unconfirmed Guests: Guest Summary information for Unconfirmed guests only.
Transfer: View ticket transfers, including the name of the original ticket owner and the name of the new ticket owner, when the transfer occurred, and if it was successful. This information can also be found under Guest List > View Transfers. View Transfers does not appear until the first transfer has been initiated for an event.
Wait List: People who were unable to register or purchase a ticket for an event. The Waitlist link is available on the Event Info page, and must be inserted into an email design or Web Presence > After Closing Message or Sold Out Message.
Purchase List: Billing and shipping information for ticket purchases, as well as purchase amounts and refunds processed.
Graphical Check-In: Post-event report with a chart of Total Guests Checked In and graph of Check-Ins by Time.
Ticket Block Users: Names and email address for all Ticket Block users, as well as the number of tickets used (Confirmed guests) and the number of tickets allocated to the Ticket Block.

Guest Communication Reports
Email Deliverability Report:
Guest information, as well as Last Email Action (Processed, Bounced, Delivered, Opened, Clicked), Date, and Time of Action, for invited and/or confirmed guests (Public Registration and Public Purchase.)
Event Sent Emails Report: All emails sent for your event. Includes date and time emails were sent, email addresses, type of email, Subject, Read status, and Bounced status.

Guest Activity Reports
Activity Log:
Shows guest registration, check-in, and experiential (EFx) activity. This includes the guest name, action, time of action, and a "plain text" description of the action (example: "Ryan Speaker added as Unconfirmed to My Great Event! at 2019-02-05 12:05:20"). The Activity Log does not include information about email actions - download the Event Sent Emails report for email actions.


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