Promo Codes overview

Promo Codes allow for discounting the cost of a ticket, or revealing a ticket that is not viewable by guests without the promo code.

Promo Codes displays any promotions that have been created, along with the Usage Code, start and end times for the Usage Code, Promotion Type, Quantity, and Availability. Event Promotions may be edited or deleted by selecting Edit - make changes and Save, Cancel changes, or Delete the promo code.

Select Create New to get started.

  • Promo Code: Guests will enter this code to receive the promotion
  • Maximum Uses: Total number of times the Promo Code may be used. To allow the Promo Code to be used an unlimited number of times, leave this field blank. 
  • Start and End Times: Select when the Promo Code is valid. Times are local to the Event Time Zone, which can be edited under Event Configuration > Event Info & Settings > Edit.
  • Type
    • % Off: Percentage-based discount, between 1% and 99%
    • $ Off: Dollar-based discount
    • Reveal Ticketing Option: Displays tickets not available on the public registration or public purchase page. Reveal Ticketing codes are not included in reports.
    • Free Tickets
  • Value: Enter the percentage or dollar discount, or number of free tickets per order
  • Access Types: Select the Access Types to which the Promo Code applies
  • Message: Displayed after a Promo Code is successfully redeemed
  • Enabled: Yes or no. If "no" is selected, the Promo Code cannot be used during registration.
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