Guest List overview

The Guest List shows confirmed and unconfirmed guests invited to purchase, or RSVP, as well as confirmed public registration or public purchase guests.

Filter guests using the tabs for Who’s Coming, Who’s Not Coming, Who Hasn’t Decided, All Invited, and Checked In. Sort guests by selecting Name/Type, Last Action, or Last Notified.

Each guest entry shows:
Status: Unconfirmed, Confirmed, Purchased, Registered, Assigned, Checked In
Last Action: Processed, Email Delivered, Email Bounced, Email Opened, Clicked Email

  • Last Action changes with each email sent. If an invitation is sent and opened, Last Action will show Email Opened. If a reminder message is sent, Last Action will show Email Delivered, and go through the progression steps for the most recent email.  

Last Notified: Date and time invitation was sent

  • Unlike Last Action, Last Notified does not show information about the most recently sent email. It shows only information about the invitation.

For more detailed information on Last Action, and Last Notified, click here.

Select a guest from the list to show the following options:
Guest Invitation: View and edit the number if invitations, type of invitation, and status, as well as view, add, or edit Arrival Alerts, Check-In Notes, and Invitation Notes. Guests can also be Checked-In.
Guest Responses: Responses given by guests during registration, if the event has Guest Questions.
Share Invite Link: The unique link for the guest’s invitation. This link can be sent to the guest by copying and pasting. The Visit Link button can be used to view the guest’s invitation, which is helpful if they report an issue.
Re-Send Confirmation: Resend a confirmation email to the guest, if they Confirmed for an Invite to RSVP or Purchase, or Public Registration or Public Purchase ticket type(s).

Remove: Remove the guest from the Guest List. If the guest purchased the ticket, a refund will not automatically be given. The event organizer must process the refund under Event Info & Settings > Net Revenue > View Purchases/Process Refunds.

Re-send Invitations to Unconfirmed Guests
Re-send invitations to any guests on the Guest List with an Unconfirmed Status. This will include Unconfirmed guests for Ticket Blocks. Exclude guests invited within a set number of days using the dropdown menu.

Download List: Includes guest information, as well as Last Action, Checked In status, and Status.

Remove All Guests: Will delete all guests from the Guest List and rescind all invitations. 

Invite/Add Guests: Invite a single guest by searching or entering their information, or invite a group by searching the Group name or uploading a list. Depending on the Ticket Type, Invitations can be sent, guests can be added as confirmed without sending emails, and/or guests may be added as unconfirmed without sending emails. Also see: Adding and Inviting Guests

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