Poll in EFx allows you to send multi-option or short answer polls to your checked-in guests via SMS text message. Polls can be helpful for getting to know your attendees better, guiding panel discussions, or gathering questions guests have for a panel or executive team.

Your guests will almost certainly be using their phones during the event - to take photos, maybe take notes, and definitely to text. (Does anyone go anywhere without texting?) Polling keeps your event a part of the conversation!

Before taking your event and collecting registrations and/or RSVPs

  • Enable Mobile Phone Number under Registration Questions. You won't be able to send polls via text messages without your guests' mobile numbers!
  • Confirm Poll is enabled for your event.
    • In Event Farm, go to Experiential > Enabled Modules. Poll should appear.
    • In EFx (iOS and Android), select your event. Messaging should be a tappable option.

Using Messaging during your event

  • Polls are configured on-the-fly. They can't be created and saved, and sent later.
  • In EFx (iOS and Android), select your event.
  • Select Poll, and enter your Admin PIN.
  • You'll have several options:
    • SMS or App
      • Most clients send via SMS - notifications sent via App only apply if your event has an Event App from Event Farm, which most events do not have. Even if your event does have an Event App, it's no guarantee your guests have installed it. SMS is always a safe bet.
    • Multi or Short
      • Multi consists of a question, and four options. While four answer options do not have to be entered, guests will see "A", "B", "C", and "D" when they receive the poll, and we advice giving guests four options.
      • Short consists of a question, and guests will respond with their answer by text.
    • Timer
      • Set the number of minutes and seconds guests have to respond. Responses received outside of this limit will not appear in EFx (iOS and Android).

To send a poll to guests

  • Configure your poll using the instructions and options above, then select Add Guests.
  • Select the guests to whom you will send the poll. Tap Filters to filter guests by Access Type or Access Control Station. Tap the back arrow ("Poll") to return to your poll questions and/or answer options.
  • Select Send, then confirm Send.

To view poll results

  • Select Results, and you'll see each poll sent to guests.
  • Tap a poll to see your responses.

That's it! Sending polls to your guests is simple and straightforward, and is a great way to keep guests engaged during your event!

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