Moving from Green Plum to Check-In (Android)

On April 10, 2019, Event Farm deprecated Green Plum (Android). Fear not, though - we brought the Green Plum experience to Check-In (Android), so all users can now experience a modern check-in experience!

Before downloading or updating Check-In, makes sure your event data has synced from your device back to Event Farm. In Check-In, tap on an event > pull down to sync. In Green Plum, tap on an event > pull down to sync > when complete, the sync indicator in the top-right corner will be green. (In both apps, syncing should happen automatically, so this is mostly a precaution.)

Once data is synced, simply download Check-In. If Check-In is already on your device, open the Play Store > menu > My Apps & Games > Update Check-In.

What's new in Check-In?
Check-In now offers a new design and improved syncing - it's faster, more reliable, and notifies you about issues more clearly. Guest email addresses are now editable, users can search events across all their accounts (if the user is on multiple Event Farm accounts), and EFx assets can be activated within the app.

Most importantly, the new version of Check-In will allow us to add new features over time, that just weren't possible with the previous version.

What's staying the same in Check-In?
You'll still be able to add walk-ins, view answers to Registration Questions, and view Check-In Notes.

What features won't be available in the new Check-In?
A few features have to go away, in the name of progress. These features are not currently planned to be added to Check-In: Leave behinds, Access Type and Status filters, QR code reader, Answer Registration Questions, Add Arrival Alerts, and View "Other" contact field.

How will my experience of checking guests in change?
It mostly won't. You'll still open the app, select an event, and tap the checkmark next to a guest's name to check or un-check them in. Tap on a name to view their details. Use the filters at the top to see who's on the Guest List, who has checked in, and who hasn't yet checked in.

Do I have to upgrade to the new Check-In right away?
If you are using Green Plum, yes. Effective April 10, 2019, Green Plum is no longer supported, and we will be preventing log-ins to Green Plum the following week. If you have questions or experience issues, please download Check-In. If the question or issue persists, contact Support.

If you are using Check-In, you don’t have to update immediately, but you should. Effective April 10, 2019, the previous version of Check-In is no longer supported.

What if one of the features I use is going away?
Short-term, you may consider not updating Check-In to the newest version, or using an iOS device that supports the feature. You should also let us know! Customer feedback shapes future work, and while we don’t guarantee feature requests will be implemented, we won’t know you are interested unless you tell us! Contact your account manager, or Support, to share your feedback.

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