Day 2: Three important questions

Before creating an event, it’s good to know how the event will be set up. We boil this down to three questions you should be able to answer, prior to making an event.

What does the registration process look like? Can anyone register, or only specific people?

  • An event open to the public - Public Registration - can have the link shared anywhere: social media, Slack, text messages, flyers printed out and hung around town. Anyone with the link can visit the event page and register. Conversely, an event for specific people - Invitation - requires emails be sent through Event Farm. These Invitation emails have a unique RSVP link for each guest, and when the guest visits the event page, the RSVP form will be pre-populated with their information.

Will all registrants have the same level of access at the event, or will you segment guests (VIP, Press, Sponsors, General Admission, etc.)?

  • This relates to ticketing. If you segment guests, you can have some available to the general public, and some for specific people. You can have some tickets available for “early bird” specials, then switch to tickets with regular pricing after a certain date. And maybe your event has one ticket type, available to all guests until they run out - that’s okay, too!

What information do you need to collect during registration?

  • Event Farm offers a handful of standard fields to collect information, like company, position, and mobile phone number. You can also create custom Guest Questions, with multiple formats, like checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields.

Knowing the answers to these three questions before getting started will ensure your event is set up correctly from the beginning, saving you time and effort down the line, while also making sure you create the guest experience that is right for your event!

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