Add additional site pages

Canvas let's you create multiple site pages within a given event. Once created, you can link between them or share each page's unique link with the desired guest segment. You can create a new site page by creating a new one OR cloning an existing site page.

Create a New Site Page

  1. Select an Event > Event Site Design > +New Page
  2. Name your page > Choose a prebuilt template or choose the Blank option in the list of templates to start from scratch.
    • Pro Tip: Unless you are a seasoned web design pro, we recommend starting from a prebuilt template and editing it to meet your needs instead of using the Blank option.
  3. Select the Create Site Page button
  4. Build, edit, and customize your additional site page!

Clone an Existing Site Page

  1. Select an Event > Event Site Design
  2. Under the template you want to clone, select Site Page Options > Duplicate > Confirm that you want to duplicate this page
  3. Once your site page is cloned, select it to start editing it, or select the Page Metadata button to rename your new page. 


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