How to create a waitlist for your event

A waitlist allows Event Organizers to collect names of guests that did not RSVP, Register, or Purchase a ticket to the event while tickets were available. The waitlist requires guests to enter first name, last name, and email address. If additional spots become available, the Event Organizer can contact guests on the waitlist. 

Creating a Waitlist:

  1. Copy the URL in Event Info > Waiting List.
  2. Insert the Waiting List URL in Registration Experience > Registration Form > Display Messages: After Closing Message, and Sold-Out Message. Select Edit in each section and write whatever you'd like guests to see when tickets are no longer available or sold out. Include something like, "If you'd like to be placed on a waitlist, click here." Highlight "here" > select Insert/edit link > paste the Waiting List URL > Ok.

Accessing the Waitlist
Under Event Reporting, Reports, select Waiting List > Generate Report. Once report is generated, under Previously Generated Reports > Waiting List report > Download Report.

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