Ticket Blocks for event organizers

A Ticket Block is a way to give tickets to donors, sponsors, or others who will be responsible for managing their guests. Event organizers manage the number and type of invitations to be distributed, and Ticket Block users invite their selected guests.

Ticket Blocks work with the following Access Types:

  • Invite to RSVP (FCFS)
  • Invite to RSVP
  • Invite to Purchase (FCFS)
  • Invite to Purchase 

When a Ticket Block user invites a guest using their Ticket Block, a hard-coded, unique invitation link is created for the guest. Public Registration or Public Purchase events do not utilize hard-coded unique invitations - therefore, events with Public Registration and/or Public Purchase Access Types cannot use Ticket Blocks. For public events, simply share the Public URL (in Event Info & Settings) with sponsors, donors, or other folks who need to get the word out about the event.

To create a new Ticket Block, select an event > Event Configuration > Event Access > Guest List Segmentation > Add Ticket Block. Provide a name for the Ticket Block > Save Ticket Block. Select the down arrow > Edit to allot the appropriate number and type of invitations, and assign Ticket Block Users by searching Address Book > Save.

To edit or delete a ticket block, go to the event > Event Access > Guest List Segmentation > select the down arrow > Edit, to make changes to Ticket Block. Editing an existing block allows organizers to limit or extend the number of available invitations, and add additional users to the block.  

To delete the Ticket Block, select the red X, and confirm the deletion. Deleting a ticket block will also remove those guests from the event's Guest List.

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