Create a new event, or copy an existing event

Event Farm offers two event types: Full Platform, and Check-In Only.

Full Platform events allow for creating invitations and an online registration page, ticket management, adding guests, sending event-focused emails (reminders before and follow-ups after an event), using Check-In to check in guests during an event, and generating reports post-event.

Check-In Only events allow for:

  • Uploading a list of guests
  • Using Check-In
  • Generating reports post-event.

To create a new event, log into Event Farm and select New Event. Select Full Platform or Check-In Only, and fill in all fields.

Event Name: The name of the event
Event Start and End Date & Time: Choose the time the event will begin, and the time it will end. Start and End Times are both required
Event Time Zone: The time zone in which the event will occur. Enter a city name to see options.

After creating the event, choose "Start from Scratch" or "Copy from Past Event." If "Copy from Past Event" is selected, search the name of a past event, and select details to copy.


Prior to May 2018, creating an event also required creating a Vanity URL and entering a Contact email address for the event. That is no more! We automatically create a Vanity URL based on the event name, and we use the email address of the user creating the event as the Contact email address. To edit the Vanity URL, see Editing an event's Public Site (Vanity URL). To edit the Contact email address, and other event details, see Event Info overview.

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