I added a new Event User, but they did not receive verification or password reset email

When a new Event Farm account is created, or when someone is added as an Event User, an email is sent to that user to verify their email address and create a password to log in to Event Farm.

If the verification email did not make it to the user’s inbox, check Junk or Spam - the email subject is “Verify your account with Event Farm”, and the sender is Event Farm. If using a private email domain, or a company email domain, the user should speak with their email administrator or IT team. The verification email may be caught in a filter, preventing it from being delivered to the user.

Most emails from Event Farm come from "", "", and "", and the user's IT team may need to whitelist Event Farm for emails to be delivered. (It's worth doing this if emails are marked by Event Farm as Delivered, but not received by the recipient, to make sure future emails make it to the recipient.)

If the user can not find, or did not receive, the verification email, visit our login page and click Resend Verification Email.

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