Teams allow event organizers to randomly assign guests to teams and keep score.


Before taking your event live and collecting registrations and/or RSVPs

  • Enable Mobile Phone Number under Registration Questions. You won't be able to send text messages without your guests' mobile numbers!

Using Teams during your event

  • Log into EFx (iOS and Android) > select your event > tap Teams
  • At the bottom, tap "Form Teams: X guests without a team"
  • Event Farm automatically group guests together, and SMS text messages are sent to guests instructing them to find their teammates.

To increase or decrease a team's score

  • Tap the team name
  • In "Change Score By", enter the number of points that should be added or subtracted from the team's score
  • Tap Increase Score, or Decrease Score
  • Choose "Set to a Specific Score" if the score needs adjusted and it's too much work to use Increase/Decrease Score options.
  • Tap "Teams" to return to the list of teams.
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