Upgrading to Canvas

Canvas is Event Farm's new event site page design tool, allowing you and your team the ultimate flexibility. Need to create an event site quickly? Choose from one our Beginner templates, and make a few simple adjustments to match your needs. Have design skills and need something more? Choose an Intermediate or Advanced template, and make your changes.

New functionality in Canvas
Canvas offers improvements over our previous event site page design tool, as well as new options for our clients, including:

  • Templates. Templates give a great starting place, and make getting a site page up-and-ready easy.
  • Dynamic Elements. Dynamic Elements populate event details - such as event name, event location, location address, and start and end times and dates - automatically, which saves time.
  • Fully-responsive designs. Our templates are designed to be fully responsive, which means they look great on desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. Views for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile are built into Canvas, allowing you to quickly toggle between views to ensure your site looks great regardless of device guests use to view.
  • Long-form design. Put all the content for your event into a single, scrolling page. This saves guests from selecting and loading multiple pages - if they scroll, they'll see all the relevant details!
  • Connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, and Instagram for uploading images. Have a single repository for all members of your team to put event images, so when it comes time to create the event site, you can be sure you have the latest image, banner, or other graphic.
  • Widgets. Drag-and-drop widgets make adding new elements - like a text box, image, video, or map - to your page simple.
  • Flexibility. While templates make setting up site pages simple, Canvas also allows for uploading HTML and CSS code. You or your designers can upload their code, then use Canvas to make necessary tweaks and ensure their code works properly.

Registration Page Design vs. Form Design
With Canvas, we have separated the page design from the form design. Your page can now focus on the content you want guests to see, and not worry about how the form will look when guests register. When a guest selects the register button, a modal or slideover with the registration or RSVP form will appear. Form Options and Display Messages are still available under Registration Experience.

How to get it for your team
On October 9, 2018, all teams will have Canvas enabled by default for new events. For events you've already created, you can choose to upgrade existing site pages to Canvas.

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