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Why is my campaign not showing in Event Farm?
Only campaigns marked as Active within Salesforce will display in Event Farm. Log into your Salesforce account to ensure the desired campaign is active.

Event Farm can only display 2000 active campaigns. If your Salesforce has more than 2000 active campaigns, de-activate campaigns until fewer than 2000 are active, and try again.

What types of tickets can my Salesforce contacts be invited to?
Invite to RSVP, Invite to RSVP (FCFS), Invite to Purchase, and Invite to Purchase (FCFS). 

How many times do contacts get imported to Event Farm from Salesforce?
Unique guests - that is, unique email addresses - are added to an event once. However, you can import new information from Salesforce whenever you wish.  

What is Scheduled Import/Export?
Event Farm can automatically import information from Salesforce, and export information from Event Farm. New information is passed between Event Farm and Salesforce on an hourly basis when enabled. 

Do duplicate entries in Salesforce automatically import duplicates to Event Farm? 
Salesforce only pushes one contact per email address.  

Do new leads that are not in Salesforce but register for my event get exported from Event Farm to my Salesforce?
You can choose to do nothing with these contacts, create a new Lead in Salesforce, or create a new Contact in Salesforce. 

What is the maximum amount of contacts that can be transferred from Salesforce to Event Farm?
The maximum number of people that can be transferred is 2000 people per campaign. 

What status will my imported contacts display on the Guest List?
You can select either Unconfirmed, no email or Confirmed, no email.

What happens when a Salesforce contact is deleted from Event Farm?
Salesforce will not re-add any contacts you have deleted from your event back into Event Farm.

Do updates made to contacts in Event Farm, such as updating a contact's Company name, update the information in Salesforce?
In the event > Integration Settings > Export, there are three options for updating information: Never, Only If Different, or Only If Blank.

What Event Farm fields sync to Salesforce?
You can push Status, First Name, Last Name, Email, Position, Company, Title, and Telephone to any Lead or Contact in Salesforce.  

Can I map to my indexed fields?
Indexed fields, such as Account name, cannot be mapped to Event Farm fields.

Why isn't my information syncing to Salesforce? 
A few things can cause information to not sync. If information is not syncing automatically, confirm Scheduled Import, and/or Auto-Export, is enabled. Additionally, Salesforce does have some limits on the API and how many updates your account is allowed per day. Check with your Salesforce account administrator to see if your Salesforce account has reached its daily limit.


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