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Sending Invitations, Confirmations, and Guest Messages are an important part of the guest experience. It is a complex part of the event management process with many factors to consider - email design, deliverability, cross-platform rendering, amongst others. Event Farm offers a number of tools to manage the email creation and design process. This article provides an overview of those features and pulls together a number of design best-practices and recommendations.

Getting Started: How to build emails and use templates in Event Farm

Best Practices

  • Use as much HTML text as possible - image-heavy emails are more likely to be marked as spam. Graphics containing text are likely to look stretched on big screens and squished on small screens, or may require mobile users to zoom in and/or scroll sideways. We recommend against using graphics containing text, as they result in lower email deliverability, and a worse guest experience.
  • Templates are designed to be responsive across platforms and email clients. They offer great compatibility without much effort from the user.
  • Designs not using Auto Width for images and tables should be no wider than 600 pixels.
  • Some versions of Outlook will cut off images with a height of more than 1700px. For both email client rendering and readability reasons, we recommend image height to be around 1000px.
  • Avoid designs that use multiple columns as they do not always perform well on narrower mobile screens.
  • Most email clients do not support custom fonts, so use email safe fonts or save sections that use custom fonts as images instead of inserting HTML. 
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