Roaming Photographer

Roaming Photographer is a fun way to commemorate your event! Your team can design one or several "filters", and at the photo station, guests select the filter they'd like, and have their photo taken. The photo is then sent to the guest by SMS text message.

What do I need for Roaming Photographer

Prior to event

  1. Event organizers should:
    1. Require Mobile Phone as a Registration Question
    2. Include QR codes in confirmation emails.
  2. Staff running the Roaming Photographer station must have an iPhone 7 or newer. Because this module relies on the iPhone camera, the newer the iPhone, the better the pictures!
  3. All devices must have Event Farm's EFx app downloaded 
  4. Event organizers or sponsors must create filters and upload them to EFx (iOS) prior to the event.

How do I set it up within iOS EFx app

  • Log into EFx (iOS) > select your event > select the options menu (gear icon) > enter the event's admin pin.
  • Tap Roaming Photographer > "+" to create new station.
  • Tap the station
    • Edit the Station Name
    • SMS Delivery
      • Toggle "on"
    • SMS Message
      • Add a message to be included when the photo is sent to the guest.
    • Filters
      • Tap "Add Filters" > Tap "+" > select Photos or Files > select your image
      • Filters must be square PNG files, and a minimum of 1080px by 1080px.
      • The filter should have some portion that is transparent - guest photos are positioned "behind" the filter, so if the filter does not contain a transparent section, you won't be able to see the photo. EFx does not prevent you from adding filters without a transparent section, so be sure to test your Roaming Photographer station before bringing guests over!

How do I set up for the event

Prior to the event, your team should download EFx onto all iPhones that will be used as Roaming Photographer stations. Log into the app, and test out taking photos and sending.

Open EFx on the device > select the event > Roaming Photographer > select the appropriate station. Swipe between filters. Enable or disable flash on the left, switch between front and rear cameras on the right, and take the photo in the middle. Tap the message bubble to type in the guest's phone number, or tap the sharing icon to scan QR codes.

At the event, make it clear where guests should line up to get their photo taken. If QR codes were included in confirmation emails AND mobile phone numbers were required when registering, have guests pull up their confirmation email.

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