Creating an SMS arrival greeting

SMS Arrival Greeting sends a welcome text to guests when they are checked-in using Check-In (iOS). Start the guest experience with a personalized text using their name and share important event information, such as when certain activities will start, or the venue's Wifi password.

Be strategic with your welcome message! On top of using your brand voice, use Dynamic Elements to personalize the message, and share valuable information with guests. We use Wifi password as an example, however if you are planning to use other EFx SMS modules for your event, it would be a great idea to tell guests to keep their devices close.

Enable SMS Arrival Greeting
Under Contact and Check-In Methods, enable SMS Arrival Greeting.


Note: EFx must first be enabled for the event. Instructions on requesting EFx for an event can be found here.

Configure Greeting Text
Customize your message in Configure Greeting Text. Personalize your message using dynamic elements by simply selecting the desired dynamic element when typing your message. The following dynamic elements are available for text:

  • FirstName - [first_name]
  • LastName - [last_name] 
  • MobileNumber - [mobile_number]
  • Email - [email]

Messages can be up to 160 characters with spaces, due to limitations of the SMS text format. The populated dynamic elements are included in characters limit. Guests with longer names will use more characters than guests with shorter names, so be sure to not use all 160 characters on your message.


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