Day 5: Building emails for your event

Chances are, your guests are going to learn about your event through email. We'll give you a few tips to help make sure your content gets to your guests, and is engaging!

First thing is first: is your event set up with an Invitation Access Type, or Public Registration Access Type?

  • For Invitation events, you'll want to create Invitation, Confirmation, and possibly Declination emails, which will be sent to guests when they are invited, and when they confirm or decline their RSVP. Your design should include the [INVITE_LINK] Dynamic Element, which creates a unique RSVP link for each guest invited to your event.
  • For Public Registration events, you'll want to create a Send Group Message email, and likely a Confirmation email. Guests will be uploaded to your Address Book, and when you're ready to tell guests about the event, you'll send the Group Message using Guest Messaging. Your design should include the Public URL, found under Event Info & Settings. Any person with this link may register for your event.

 Second, make sure your design has plenty of text. There will be people on your team who insist emails have one big fancy graphic, and that's great visually, but an email consisting of a graphic, a URL, and little or no text is significantly more likely to be marked as spam by your guests's email systems. In addition to improving email deliverability, screen readers ad other accessibility features won’t be able to “read” the email, so guests with vision issues won’t know what the graphic says. 


And while we’re talking email deliverability, keep your subject short and punchy. Many corporate email systems assign higher spam scores as subject length increases - keeping your subject at 50 characters or less decreases the likelihood of being marked as spam.​​

Email deliverability is more than putting together an email and sending it. To ensure the best deliverability, open, and click-through rates, check out our three articles on email deliverabilityemail design, and the who/how/when of engaging your guests!

Once you've created your email designs, use Invitations & Confirmations to associate those email designs with the appropriate Access Types. You're one step closer to taking your event live!


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