Day 6: Testing!

Your event is important. You’ve found a venue, made a plan with key stakeholders, collaborated with your design team. You’ve learned how to build a site page in Canvas, and how to create emails that are more likely to get to the inboxes of your guests. You have done a lot of hard work. But you aren’t ready to notify guests yet.

Before sending out your invitations (for an invitation event) or guest message (for a public registration event), you need to test the guest flow.

  • For an invitation event, go to Guest List, add yourself and colleagues who will help test to the Guest List, and send an invitation to each person.
  • For a public registration event, create a group in Address Book, and add yourself and colleagues who will help you test. Then, in Email Communications, go to Guest Messaging, select your Send Group Message design, enter your Address Book group name, and send.

View your email, make sure it renders correctly in a few different email clients, and make sure links go to the correct URLs. Click the link to visit your site page. View the site page in a few web browsers, to see how it renders. Select the Register/RSVP button on your page, and go through the registration/RSVP process. Make sure the form shows any custom colors for buttons and text, as well as the Display Messages and Registration Questions you created. Once confirmed, if your event has been configured to send confirmation emails, make sure you receive the email. Then, view it in a few different email clients, and make sure links go the correct URLs.

We have created a handful of FAQs for each stage of testing.

You and your team have put in a lot of hard work. A little testing (and tweaking, if necessary) will help ensure guests have a great experience, and you and your team don’t feel blindsided by questions from guests about your email, event site, or registration process.


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