Cookies are an indispensable part of the internet. You may have heard of cookies used in undesirable, even deceitful ways, following you around the web to send you targeted ads. But lots of websites use them in perfectly normal, desirable ways. Cookies allow a shopping cart on a website to remember you added an item, even as you navigate to other items you may want to purchase. Cookies let you open Google docs in multiple tabs. They aren’t all bad!

How does Event Farm use cookies?
We use cookies to manage user sessions. This applies to you, our client, when you sign in to Event Farm to create and manage your event. This also applies to your guests, to track their ticket selection when they register or RSVP.

Does Event Farm use cookies for anything else?
No. We aren’t building profiles of our users, or your guests. We don’t want to track anyone’s internet usage. We simply use cookies to track what you and guests do on Event Farm pages, to make sure you see your information, and not someone else’s.

What are the practical implications of cookies for me or my guests?
If cookies are disabled in your browser, you will be unable to log into Event Farm. If you are logged into Event Farm and cookies are disabled, you will be logged out of Event Farm.

If a guest has cookies disabled, they will not be able to complete registration or RSVP.

What do I do if a guest has disabled cookies and is having trouble registering?
First, reassure them they only need cookies active until they complete their registration or RSVP, then they can disable cookies again. If they don’t want to enable cookies, you’ll need to manually update their invitation on the Guest List, add responses to any Guest Questions, and then “re-send” their confirmation.

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