Upgrading an existing site page

All events created after October 9, 2018, will have Canvas automatically enabled. If an event was created prior to October 9, 2018, or a new event has details copied from an event created prior to October 9, 2018, the event can be upgraded to Canvas.

We recommend upgrading your event to Canvas prior to sending emails and going live with registration. After upgrading, your event site pages (under Web Presence > Design Layout and Web Presence > Additional Web Pages) will need to be re-created in Canvas. Previous implementations or custom work, including CSS links and custom fonts, do not transfer over to Canvas. Once upgraded, you can begin building your new event site page within Canvas - which is truly an upgrade providing you more flexibility and control!

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How to upgrade

  1. Select your event > Web Presence > Enable Canvas for Event > Enable for Event. Screen_Shot_2018-09-10_at_11.16.03_AM.png
  2. Once Canvas is enabled, it cannot be reversed and will remove any site pages already created. Select Enable to continue.Screen_Shot_2018-09-10_at_11.48.41_AM.png
  3. Select Enable to remove existing site pages and complete upgrading your event to Canvas.Screen_Shot_2018-09-10_at_11.43.07_AM.png
  4. Party Time - Canvas is enabled for your event!Screen_Shot_2018-09-13_at_4.30.53_PM.png
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