Why guests may be asked to check a box to complete an RSVP, registration, or purchase

What is a Disclaimer Message?
Some events require guests to acknowledge terms and conditions for the event as a part of registration. For example, an alcoholic beverage company may require guests to acknowledge a guest is over a certain age before a guest can submit their registration.

The Disclaimer Message appears along with a check box at the bottom of your registration page. Guests must acknowledge the disclaimer before proceeding to the registration confirmation page.

Event Farm gives Organizers the ability to personalize Disclaimer Messages. To do this, visit Web Presence > Display Messages > Disclaimer Message > Edit. Create a message and select Save.

Why do guests need to check an Acknowledgement box on entering plus one information?
Some events allow registrants and invited guests to bring a plus one. Event Organizers can use Event Farm to give invited guests a plus one as well as have guests enter their plus one’s first name, last name, and email address at the time of registration. This is extremely useful for events where Organizers are required to print material ahead of the event date such as seated dinners or conferences.

When invited guests are required to enter their plus one information at the time of registration, an Acknowledgement box needs to be checked off on the registration page that changes ownership of that second invite/ticket to the plus one guest. This plus one now shows up as a separate guest on the Guest List and can be sent event communication and follow up information as needed by the Event Organizers. 


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