Day 8: Tracking and reporting on your event

Once your event has been live for a few days, you'll want to check in and see how things are doing! There are a few sections of Event Farm to look at, depending on the information you are interested in.

To see how many spots are still available


Check out Access Types to see how many are spots are still available, when registration/RSVP opened, and when registration/RSVP will close (assuming all spots are not registered or confirmed by RSVP before the end date and time). This is helpful to get a sense of how quickly registrations and RSVPs are coming in, and how much longer spots may be available for guests. 

To see how many confirmed and unconfirmed guests your event has


The status tabs in Guest List make it easy to see how many people have been invited, confirmed, or declined your Invitation event. (For public events, you’ll only see registered guests.) You can also review information for specific guests - select their name, and choose Guest Invitation and/or Guest Responses to see more details about the guest. 

To see high-level email stats


Get a sense of how many emails have been delivered, opened, and clicked. Less-common statuses, like deferred and dropped, also appear here. You’ll see lots of statuses on this page - see Email Statistics Definitions to learn more.

To get in-depth reporting in a CSV file
The most commonly-requested reports are Guest List Summary report, which includes the guest’s contact information, responses to registration questions, and check-in information, and Event Sent Emails report, which shows all emails sent for the event, as well as read and bounce status. These reports are downloadable as a CSV file, so you can remove, re-arrange, and tweak the data to your heart’s desire!

You’re getting closer to the day of the event. Next, we’ll share a few things to keep in mind for check-in the day of your event, and final reporting.

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