How do I add a calendar link to my email?

While Macs, iPhones, and iPads allow users to make a calendar event by tapping the event's date and time within an email, most email programs do not have this feature. Because of this, you may want to add links within a confirmation email, or the Confirmation Display Message, so guests can easily add the event to their calendar of choice.

  • Under Event Info, click the calendar icon next to "Event Date & Time"
  • Options for Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Yahoo Calendar
    • Apple Calendar will create a .ICS file, which is the standard used by Outlook, Calendar for Mac and iOS, and other calendar programs
    • Google and Yahoo will take a user to their respective account to add the event to their calendar
  • Right-click the calendar option you want, then copy the link
  • In your email design or web page, add some text, like, "Download to Outlook" > highlight text > Insert Link > paste the copied calendar link
  • Repeat for the other calendar options, if desired


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