Email Statistics Definitions

Event Farm provides users with a number of email deliverability statuses.  These statuses can be seen on the Guest List, in the Statistics section of the Event Reporting, and in several of the reports found in Reports. Here is a list of the email statuses the Event Farm system provides:

Open: The email has been opened by the recipient, or marked as Open by the recipient's email client or email provider.

Delivered: The email has been delivered to the recipient, but has not yet been opened. Delivered emails may appear in the recipient's inbox, junk, spam, or promotions folders.

Deferred: The email could not be delivered at this time, and has been added to the queue to be re-sent. This may happen if the recipient's inbox is full, or otherwise not accepting new emails at the current time. This may also happen if a receiving domain asks the sender (Event Farm, in this case) to slow down the sending of emails, to avoid overloading the receiving domain.

Bounce: The email could not be successfully delivered to the guest. This may be due to one of several reasons:

  • Invalid email address
  • The recipient has unsubscribed from Event Farm emails
  • The recipient's email server is not accepting emails from Event Farm

Out of Band: Out of Band is a type of Bounce, and is triggered by the same conditions as a bounce. A regular bounce occurs as soon as the recipient's server receives the email. An out of band bounce may sit on a recipient's server (without being delivered to the recipient), before the server rejects the email.

Dropped: The email has been dropped by Event Farm, and will not be sent. This happens after several unsuccessful attempts to deliver an email.

Processed ("Injection" in some reports): The email has been processed and sent by Event Farm.

Spam-Report: The email has been marked as junk or spam within the recipient's email client.

Unsubscribe: The recipient has selected the Unsubscribe link within an email. Depending on the unsubscribe options the recipient chose, they may not receive future emails sent using Event Farm.

Unknown: The email status is unknown.

Click: The Invitation Link within the Invitation email has been selected by the guest. This status does not apply to Send a Message or Send Group Message emails, as they do not contain an Invitation Link.

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