Information is not syncing from Check-In to Event Farm

Check-In syncs data every 60 seconds, as long as the device has a strong (2Mbps or greater) Wifi or 4G/LTE connection. Information syncs from the device to Event Farm, and then syncs from Event Farm to additional devices. Devices may be on different 60-second cycles, so it may take 2-3 minutes for changes to appear on all devices.

When downloading a Guest List for the first time, or using Rebuild List, Check-In downloads approximately 2000 guests per minute. Devices must have an active internet connection, and the device screen must stay on, during the initial sync and when using Rebuild List.

If the app has been open at least 60 seconds and information is not syncing:

  • Ensure the device has a strong Wifi or 4G/LTE connection
    • Mobile hotspot devices, and personal hotspots offered on many smartphones, may be suitable alternatives to Wifi or built-in cellular service. If the device is not syncing while connected to a mobile or personal hotspot, connect to Wifi.
  • Pull down on the Guest List to force a refresh.
  • Tap the menu button, and Rebuild List. This will re-sync all guests, and can take several minutes, depending on internet connectivity and number of guests.
  • Force-quit the app - on iPhone, double-tap the Home button, and swipe up on app's preview. On Android, open the recent applications menu, and close the app. Once closed, open the app, and wait 60 seconds for the sync to begin.

If the "Something is Blocking Sync" error is appearing:

  • Capture the guest information elsewhere, and tap "Undo"
    • A screenshot is the quickest way to capture the guest information and save for later. On iPhone, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top or side of your device, then immediately press and release the Home button.
    • You can also type the guest information into a note on your device, or write it down on paper.
  • In many cases, the guest information is stored and synced to Event Farm. Post-event, log in to Event Farm > select the event > Guest List > confirm the guest appears here. If not, use Invite/Add Guest to add them to the Guest List.


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