Adding a registration or call to action button

Event sites must have a clear call to action for guests to know where they can register for the event. All of our templates have registration buttons - use the registration button already on the template, or add a new button in a different location. Whether you are hosting a public or private (Invite to...) event, the steps to add a registration button to your event site are the same!

  1. Choose the Registration Button location
  2. On the Menu bar, select the Blocks icon Screen_Shot_2018-09-17_at_11.43.00_AM.png
  3. Under Event Gadgets, select Registration Button and drag it to the desired location on the template. Tip: For the button to be above a specific section make sure the green indicator is in front (left) of the text, image, or section. For the button to be located below a specific section make sure the green indicator is at the end (right) of the text, image, or section.Screen_Shot_2018-09-17_at_11.47.47_AM.png
  4. To edit button text, select the text within the button and type desired text.  

When guests click or tap on your Registration button, the registration form will appear as a modal above your site page. See Form Styles for more on styling the registration form.

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