Use Guest Messaging to send a Save the Date, Reminder, or Post-Event follow-up

As a part of your event, you may want to send an email to guests prior to, or after, an event. This is done through Guest Messaging.

To create a message, go to Email Center > Email Designs > select New Email Design, or a template. Fill out email details, build the email with text, images, and buttons, then Save My Design.

To appear in Guest Messaging, the Message Type must be set to Send a Message, or Send Group Message.

  • "Send a Message" are sent by Invitation Status - Confirmed, Unconfirmed, Purchased, All Checked In, and No-Shows.
  • "Send Group Message" are sent by selecting an Address Book group, or the event's Wait List.

Go to Guest Messaging > Designs: choose your saved Send a Message or Send Group Message. Other information will auto-populate, and the email design will appear in the editor. Select the following options:

  • Send By
    • Invitation Status: The status of guests, as it appears on Guest List
    • All Checked In: All guests checked into the event
    • No Shows: Confirmed guests on the Guest List, who did not check into the event
  • Send To
    • Confirmed or Registered Guests: Guests who have responded affirmatively to an RSVP Access Type, or who have completed registration for a Public Registration or Invite to Register Access Type. View under Guest List > Who's Coming > RSVP'd and/or Registered.
    • Purchased Guests: Guests who have purchased a Public Purchase or Invite to Purchase Access Type. View under Guest List > Who's Coming > Purchased.
    • Assigned Guests: Guests added to the Guest List as Confirmed by an event organizer
    • Unconfirmed Guests: Guests who appear on the Guest List as Unconfirmed. View under Guest List > Who Hasn't Decided.
  • Access Types
    • Select all Access Types, or choose specific Access Types.
      • Mac: Select Access Types, then Command+A to select all, or hold Command and select individual Access Types.
      • PC: Select Access Types, then Control+A to select all, or hold Control and select individual Access Types.

Select Send Yourself a Test Message, to ensure the email looks correct, prior to sending to guests.

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