Adding videos

To add a video to a page:

  1. Select the Components Manager Icon Screen_Shot_2018-09-17_at_11.43.00_AM.png in the top right corner of the Canvas page
  2. Under Basic, grab the Video block and drag it to the desired location of the template. Use the green indicator to help choose the location of the video. If the green indicator is before (or left) an element, the video will be at the top. If the green indicator is at the end (or right), the video will be below the element.
  3. Select the Video block > Dimension. Enter width and height values so the video looks correct for your page design.
    • Many videos look "right" using either 480px by 360px, or 640px by 480px (width by height).
  4. Select Settings
    1. Providers
      • HTML5 Source: Use this option if the .MP4 file is being hosted on an internal server, and you can enter the URL in Source.
      • Youtube: Use this option for any video on Youtube. The Video ID is the last several alphanumeric characters that appear after "=" in the URL. Example: The Video ID for is "lC5lsemxaJo"
      • Vimeo: Use this option for any video on Vimeo. The Video ID appears at the end of the URL. Example: The Video ID for is "98137834"
    2. Autoplay will begin playing your video shortly after the page loads for a guest. Note that iOS devices do not allow for auto-playing video, and most web browsers have the option to disable auto-play videos.
    3. Loop will repeat your video when it reaches the end, continuing until the user leaves the page. This option is nice for Youtube videos, to prevent Youtube from recommending videos your guests should watch next (which may not align with your event or your company's brand.)
    4. Controls will appear for your guests, allowing them to pause, scrub forward or backward in the video, or go full-screen. Controls are enabled by default, but can be disabled.
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