How to link to an email address

If you don't want to use our contact form, but do want to provide a way for guests to easily contact you, you can add a link to an email address. This will automatically open in the guest's native email client, such as Apple Mail or Outlook.

First, drag in a link element and customize the link text. Alternatively, for an inline link, you can highlight text with a text box, and click the "link" icon to turn it into a link.

Once you have the link created, click on the link, then open the *Settings* pane.

You will supply the target email address in the "Link URL" or "HREF" box.

Option 1: Specify a target email address directly.
In the Link URL/HREF box, type `` where is the email address you want guests to reach out to.

Option 2: Dynamically use the event's set event email address.
In the Link URL/HREF box, type `mailto:{{eventEmail}}`

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