EFx Overview

EFx is Event Farm's experiential offering - a suite of technologies that let you engage your guests during your event. From text messages to drink orders, EFx will create unique and personalized experiences for your guests.

Pick one or multiple modules. Messaging, Raffle, and Poll go well together, as does the Roaming Photographer and Digital Memory Bank. Each module may require SMS or NFC assets (commonly wristbands given to guests at check-in), and may work with SMS and NFC assets.

Some EFx modules require less planning on your part, and less work on our part, and can be implemented in a short period of time. Other modules can take several weeks to implement. Please allow adequate time to discuss your goals, and for your team and our team to implement the solution.

Available modules

Module Description Works with...
Messaging Engage attendees via SMS messaging SMS
Poll Text guests via SMS. View responses in EFx mobile app and Apple TV app SMS
Raffle Select prize winners and notify them via SMS


Teams Build attendee teams for competition, collaboration, and networking; track scores on the leaderboard SMS
Roaming Photographer Take photo and apply custom event filters. Deliver images via SMS NFC, SMS
Reservation Queue attendees in a virtual line and notify them via SMS when availability opens NFC, SMS
Access Control Scan assets to grant access to exclusive event experiences NFC, SMS
Digital Memory Bank Create and share a personalized post-event content hub with your attendees NFC, SMS
Concierge Deliver key information to attendees when they scan assets at kiosk NFC 
Product Pickup Scan asset to confirm attendees' eligibility to receive or purchase products NFC, SMS 
 Smart Bar Attendees scan assets at bar kiosks to place orders in bartender queue  NFC
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