Day 1: Welcome to Event Farm!

Welcome to Event Farm - we're glad to have you!

Event Farm offers group trainings to all our clients, and we strongly recommend participating in a training or viewing the recording before getting started, to ensure your success using Event Farm.

You'll have full access to our knowledge base and trainings. Account admins can reach our support team by submitting a request - the form collects the information we need to begin looking into your question or issue. For admins on Pro and Premiere licenses, we also offer telephone support, at 1-888-449-3731. In most cases, you’ll need to leave a voicemail, and we’ll return your call. More information about your support level, response times, and hours of business can be found below.

In addition to our Support team, your account manager (details included in your welcome email) is here for the big-picture stuff: how your team can get more out of Event Farm, optimize crucial event setups, and if there is anything you're needing that you aren't getting, you can reach out and let them know.


Over the next two weeks, you’ll receive our onboarding emails, meant to give you a few tips and tricks to complement our group training sessions and make getting up and running easier.

Again, welcome to Event Farm. We look forward to seeing you at a training session soon!

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