Downloading images from File Manager

Canvas-enabled events will not have access to File Manager, which previously allowed files to be uploaded to and stored by Event Farm.

To download images or assets uploaded to your account in the past, select a past event that has not been converted to Canvas. Go to Registration Experience > Web Presence.

  • If you don't see Web Presence, the event you are viewing is a Canvas-enabled event - go to your Dashboard > select All Past Events > choose a different event.

From Web Presence, select Design Layout > Header > Choose a Header Image.

  • Select Home in the sidebar, then List in the toolbar
  • Select the checkbox next to individual folders and files, or select the checkbox next to Filename to select all folders and files
  • Select Manage > Download

All selected folders and files will be downloaded to your computer in a Zip file. If you'll need access to these assets for future events, we recommend saving them on your computer, or to Dropbox or Google Drive. Canvas site pages can be connected to your Dropbox or Google Drive account, making it easy for your team to have a single place for all event assets, and readily available to use on an site page.

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