What’s the difference between Invite to RSVP, and Invite to Purchase?

When hosting a private event it’s important to choose an “Invitation” Access Type that creates the right registration process for your event. Below is a list of all of the available options: 

  • Invite to RSVP (FCFS)
  • Invite to RSVP
  • Invite to Purchase (FCFS)
  • Invite to Purchase

Invite to RSVP (FCFS) and Invite to RSVP: Directs guests to their registration form to confirm or decline RSVP. Invite to RSVP (FCFS) is our most commonly used (and recommend) Access Type as most organizers would like to know who on their Guest List declined their invitation. Additionally, if Editable RSVP Responses is enabled in Event Info & Settings, these Access Types allow guests to edit their RSVP response.



Invite to Purchase (FCFS) and Invite to Purchase: Directs guests to a landing page that displays the event name, Access Type(s) name, the price to purchase that Access Type (including service fees), and a dropdown to select the number of tickets needed before being directed to their registration form. This event does not collect declinations - if a guest is not interested in attending, they simply do not purchase a ticket to the event.

Note: The number of ticket available for the guest to purchase on the landing page is dependent on the number of tickets allotted to the guest when added to the Guest List. 


Note: Different form styles are available in Event Registration > Registration Form > Form Style. The "Overlay" form was used for the examples. 

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