Setting up Zapier and creating a Zap

Zapier is a service that connects more than a thousand online tools to Event Farm. Want to send a text message to event organizers as guests check in? Send a message to a Slack channel when a guest's invitation is updated? Add checked-in guests to a group in SurveyMonkey, so you can easily send a post-event survey? All that and more is possible through Zapier.

Zapier (rhymes with "happier") creates a connection between two (or more) services. Each connection is called a "Zap". A Zap requires a Trigger, which sends information to Zapier, and an Action, which occurs when Zapier sends information to the receiving service.

You can sign up for a free Zapier account here.


After signing up, make your first Zap! From your dashboard, select "Make a Zap!" Search and select Event Farm, and choose one of the available Triggers.

One the next screen, connect Zapier to Event Farm. A pop-up window will appear. Enter your Event Farm login email address and password, and when "Do you authorize Zapier to access Event Farm on your behalf?" appears, select Authorize. Save and Continue.

Select an upcoming event for which the Zap will be enabled.


Load samples, to ensure Zapier is correctly identifying Event Farm information. Correct information is important for the Action steps. This completes building the Trigger.

Next, choose an Action. With so many services available, you'll need to play around with some that may fit your needs until you find one that does. Automation takes a little time to set up and test, but it will save a lot of time in the future.

Note: The number of Zaps that can be set up, the number of tasks (each action within a Zap) per month, and access to premium Zap Apps requires a paid account.

Author's Note
In the process of writing this support article, I wanted to create a Zap that allowed me to send a survey to checked-in guests. I initially chose Google Forms, but after some playing around, realized it didn't offer the Zap options I wanted. I found SurveyMonkey is supported by Zapier, so I created a SurveyMonkey account, created a survey, and created a Contacts group. In Zapier, I set up a Zap with Event Farm's "New Check-In" Trigger, and SurveyMonkey's "Create Contact" Action, and enabled the option to add those checked-in guests to a specific SurveyMonkey contact group. Now, after my "event", I can go to SurveyMonkey - where I've already created my survey and options - and send the survey to everyone in the contact group, which has my checked-in guests!

All this to say, it is important to explore and try different options, to find the one that fits your needs.

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