My Account overview


My Account is available for account administrators with annualized, Full Platform contracts, and shows an overview of their Event Farm account. Details include:

  • Plan Level
  • Level of support and how to reach Event Farm's Support team
  • Number of events created during the current contract
  • Number of emails sent during the current contract
  • Number of unique guests invited or registered for one or more events during the current contract

Account administrators can see the features currently enabled for their plan level, and can request upgrades. Features and upgrades include:

  • Salesforce
  • API Access
  • Email Masking
  • White Labeling
  • Additional administrator seats

Further, My Account is the place to:

If users are administrators on multiple Event Farm accounts, use the Team Selection dropdown in the sidebar to switch accounts. If a user is an administrator on one account, and selects an account on which they are not an administrator, the user will be directed to the dashboard. Any user who is not an administrator, who tries to access My Account through a link from an administrator, will be directed to their own dashboard.

My Account is not compatible with Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. 

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