Check-In overview


Once logged in- the app will display all upcoming events. Select the event.

To check a guest in, swipe right (iOS) or tap the checkmark next to their name (Android). If the guest has a Check-In Note, an alert notification will appear on the screen.

To add a guest onsite, select the add (+) button, enter the guest’s information, Access Type, number of additional guests and appropriate Check-In Notes. Check them in by selecting Save & Check-In, or select Save to add the name to the Guest List.

To view or update guest information, tap the guest’s name. Make changes, then select Save at the bottom. Swipe right to view answers to registration questions.

If one person has multiple RSVP’s, but not everyone arrives at the same time, swipe left and tap hold to leave behind invitations. Enter information for the guest arriving later. (iOS-only)

Can’t find your guest by scrolling? Use the search bar at the bottom to type their name.

Oops! Accidentally checked in the wrong person? Swipe right to undo the check-in (iOS), or tap the checkmark next to their name (Android).

As updates are made, the status bar - to the left on iPad, and at the top on iPhones and Android devices - shows the percentage of guests that are checked-in in blue.

Filters for Access Types and all statuses are available if needed. (iOS only)

Tap the Account Profile icon (iOS) or menu button (Android) to view account information.

The Sync Monitor Status shows the current sync state. Tap for more details. When the status is green, you are all good to go!

For iOS devices, on the bottom of the screen, select menu, to access Guest List features like the tutorial, QR reader, and your other events. 

For Android devices, select the arrow in the top-left to view all events.

Please note, if using multiple devices and need real time syncing, a strong wifi or 4G/LTE connection is needed. Otherwise, once your event is complete, connect your device to wifi, open the app and select the event. Information will sync automatically within 60 seconds. If more than one device is used, each device will need to be synced.

This concludes the overview for Check-In. If you have questions, visit to view our Support pages, and if you need additional support, please submit a request.

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