Event Info & Settings overview

Event Info & Settings is the place to see when and where the event will take place, high-level overview of number of guests and revenue, and manage settings that will affect guests when they RSVP, register, or purchase tickets to an event.

Event Name, Time, and Timezone 
Select Edit in the top-right to edit the event name, start and end times, and timezone for your event. This information will show on your Canvas event page when using Dynamic Elements.

Event URLs
Public URL: The main event page
Invitation Email: The email address from which invites and other event emails originate
Invitation Transfer: Allows guests to transfer their tickets to someone else, if Access Types are set to transferable 
Waitlist: Allows guests to enter their information so they may be contacted if more tickets become available
Invitation Reveal: This link is a convenient way to allow guests to RSVP for an event, if you are not sending invitations through Event Farm. If Invitation Reveal is enabled, this link can be shared with guests - when they select the link, they are taken to your event page, and the Invitation Reveal form loads automatically. Guests must enter an email address that also appears on the Guest List in order to RSVP.

See Adding additional collaborators to an event

Additional Event Details
These settings affect your registration form and event page. Social Media handles and URLs are automatically linked to their respective social media icon on our Canvas templates.
Language: Choose a language for your event registration form fields (all fields on the registration form only will display in this language). Options are: English, German, Spanish (European), Spanish (South American), Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Traditional), French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, and Thai.
Facebook URL: Enter your event-specific or company's Facebook URL.
Instagram Handle: Enter your event-specific or company's Instagram handle.
Twitter Handle: Enter your event-specific or company's Twitter handle.
Event Description: Enter a brief description about your event and this information will appear on your event site in the location or section where the {{eventDescription}} Dynamic Element is present or added.

Event Guests
Event Guests shows high-level ticketing information. More details can be found in Event Access overview, under Statistics.

Event Location
Add the location name and address for where your event is taking place.

Event Details
Edit the event contact email, and add Event Tags. Tags can be useful when searching and sorting events on the dashboard.

Time Until Event
A countdown to the start of the event

Net Revenue
Withdraw Funds: Choose the amount you would like to withdraw from the event
View Purchases / Process Refunds: See the name and email address for guests who have purchased, as well as the purchase amount, credit card type, option to print or email the receipt, and the time of the transaction. Select the dropdown menu to the left of the guest’s name to see the Ticket Types purchased.

To refund a guest, select Process Refund, and enter an amount to refund. Refunding a guest does not remove the guest from the Guest List - guests must be manually removed from the Guest List.

Invitation Reveal
Requires guests to enter their email address, and if it matches an email address in Guest List, guests will be taken to their registration page. The Invitation Reveal link appears in Event URLs, and can be included in invitation emails.

Duplicate Invitations
Allows an Event Organizer or Ticket Block User to invite a guest who has already been invited, and already appears on the Guest List. Disable this option if guests should not be invited multiple times.

Editable Name Fields
Allows guests invited to an Invite to RSVP or Invite to Purchase Access Types to change their first and last name when registering.

Editable RSVP Responses
Allows guests to change their RSVP and Registration Questions responses.

Required Order Size
Allows Event Organizers to set Min and Max Order size across all available Access Types with respect to their Registration/Invitation Limits. More details can be found in: Required Order Size.

Require +1 Information
Requires guests to enter first and last name, as well as email address, for each ticket purchased. Access Type must be transferable.

Accepted Credit Cards
Choose the credit cards that can be accepted for ticket purchases. Options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Archive Event
Archiving an event hides it from the Event Dashboard, even if the option to show all events is selected. Archived events only appear when Dashboard > Date > Archived Events is selected. It is not possible to delete an event - archiving allows an event to be made active again, so no information is lost.


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