Address Book overview

Address Book is the place to find contact information for guests, including the events to which they have been invited. It is located in the left sidebar, and is accessible to all members within the account. If a user is a on of several accounts, they can change accounts using the Team Selection dropdown.

We strongly recommend each guest has a unique email address, to ensure accurate information, which makes finding contact details and tracking actions easier.


Select the Contact icon to search contacts. Results will include matches for first name, last name, or email address.

Select the Groups icon to search groups.

A group is a list of contacts, and makes sending invites to those contacts possible with just a few clicks.

  • Create new Group
    Name: Each group should have a unique, easy-to-identify name

    Upload Group: Upload a completed Guest List template. Note that event-specific fields, like Ticket Type, Quantity, Status, Check-In Notes, and Invitation notes, do not upload to Address Book.
  • Groups
    Select a group to see the contacts it contains

    • View/Edit Group: Shows the group name, number of contacts, creation date, and updated date.
      Delete Group: Remove the group from Address Book. Contacts remain in Address Book after a group is deleted.

If a user exists in multiple accounts, groups from all accounts will appear. A selected group will only show contacts if they exist in the currently-selected account. If a group with contacts is selected, but no contacts display, use the Team Selection dropdown to change to the account which contains that group and contacts.

Displays a list of all contacts, including contacts added individually or as part of a spreadsheet upload.

  • Create new Contact
    Available fields: First name, Last name, Email address, Position, Company, Address, City, State, Zip code, Country, Title, and Other. Contacts can be added to groups at the time of creation.
  • Contacts
    Select a contact, then Actions:
    • View/Edit Contact: View or edit their information, add to a group, registration and RSVP activity(Registered, RSVP, Unconfirmed and other statuses as a percentage of total invitations), and view and edit all registrations and invitations.
    • Add to Group: To add a contact to an existing group, enter the name of an existing group, select the group name, and select Add
    • Remove from Group: To remove a contact, locate the group from which they should be removed, and select "X" next to the group name.
    • Delete Contact: Remove contact from Address Book. This action cannot be undone. If the contact has an invitation to a future event, they cannot be removed until their invitation is rescinded, or the event has passed.

To add multiple existing contacts to a group, select the checkbox next to each contact, then Select Bulk Action > Add to Other Group. Enter the group name, then Add.

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