Using the Invitation Transfer link

The Invitation Transfer link allows guests to transfer their ticket to a different person. If the guest was invited to an Invite to RSVP or Invite to Purchase Access Type, they may transfer the ticket to an individual who was not invited to the event.

Invitation Transfers require several conditions, in order to be successful:

  1. In the Access Type, Transferable must be enabled.
  2. The Event Start Date and Time must be in the future. Tickets cannot be transferred once the event has begun.
  3. The Access Type End Date must be in the future. Tickets cannot be transferred once the Access Type End Time has been reached. Related: Adjust Ticket Quantities and Availability
  4. The original guest must be confirmed on the Guest List. These statuses include Assigned, Confirmed by RSVP, and Purchased, depending on the Access Type Distribution Method.

The Invitation Transfer link is found in Event Info & Settings. This link can be sent directly to guests if they request to transfer their ticket. The link may also be included in Confirmation and Send a Message emails to guests, by copying and pasting the link, or by using the [TICKET_TRANSFER_INFO] Dynamic Element.

The Invitation Transfer Process
Guest A has successfully RSVP'd or purchased a ticket to an event, but would like to transfer their ticket to a different person. Guest A uses the Invitation Transfer link, included in an email or sent by an Event Organizer, enters the email address used to RSVP or purchase their ticket, and selects Find Your Order. The page will show Guest A's tickets, and whether or not they can be transferred.

Guest A selects Transfer Some or All. They enter the quantity, first name, last name, and email address for Guest B - who will receive the tickets - and selects Process My Transfer.


An email will be sent to Guest A, to confirm the transfer. This email is automatically generated by Event Farm, and comes from, with the subject "Ticket Transfer for [EVENT NAME]". Neither the email address nor the subject for these emails can be modified. Guest A selects the confirmation link in the email, and an email is sent to both Guest A and Guest B, with details about the transfer.

Ticket transfers are final - once tickets are transferred to Guest B, Guest A no longer controls those tickets, and cannot cancel or undo the transfer. If a ticket transfer was done in error, the guest should contact the Event Organizer.

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