Configuring a Salesforce campaign to Import to and Export from an Event

This article contains the steps to take to import records from Salesforce to an event, and export records from an event to Salesforce. This can be done only after connecting Salesforce to Event Farm.

Importing Records
1. Select the event, then Guest List Management > Integration Settings in the sidebar.

2. Select the Salesforce campaign from the dropdown menu, then Configure Sync. If you are not seeing the Salesforce campaign, see Salesforce FAQs.

3. Select the number of invitations and confirmation status that all members of this campaign should be assigned. Either select an option to create a unique ticket type for these guests based on the campaign name by selecting Ticket Type based on Campaign Name, or select a previously-created Ticket Type by selecting An Existing Ticket Type and choosing from the dropdown menu.

4. Select Add Mapping to map additional fields for Leads and Contacts.  

5. Enable Scheduled Import to bring information from Salesforce every hour. For a one-time import, select Import Now.

Exporting Records
1. Select Integration Settings, then Export.

2. Select a Salesforce status for each Event Farm status. Multiple Event Farm statuses can be mapped to the same Salesforce status.

3. Configure your New Guest options for contacts that are in Event Farm, and new to Salesforce. New Guests have three options: do not send to Salesforce, create as Leads in Salesforce, or create as Contacts in Salesforce.

4. Select Add Mapping to map additional fields.

5. Enable Auto Export to send information to Salesforce every hour. For a one-time export, select Export Now. 

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