What is the difference between Public and Invite Access Types?

Event Farm offers multiple Ticket Types for your event. This allows segmenting your guests into different groups, based on time, level of access, or how you would like guests to register.

Tickets Types include:

  • Public Registration
  • Public Purchase
  • Invite to RSVP (FCFS)
  • Invite to RSVP
  • Invite to Purchase (FCFS)
  • Invite to Purchase

 Difference between Public and Invite Tickets.

Public Ticket Types

Public Registration and Public Purchase Ticket Types are open to any person that registers or purchases a ticket for the event using the public site. No guest list is needed for these types of events, per se. Marketing and creating awareness of the event itself will lead interested participants to register and/or purchase tickets. To create an email notifying potential guests of the event, create an email design with a Group Message Message Type, and use Guest Messaging to send the email to existing Address Book groups. All guests that register will show in Guest List with a Registered or Purchased Status. The public link can also be shared using methods outside Event Farm, including social media, Slack, and text message.

Invite only Ticket Types

“Invite to…” Ticket Types create a unique hard-coded invite link for each guest added to the Guest List and sent an invitation. Guests can be added individually, or through an uploaded template, using Guest List > Invite/Add Guest. Invite to RSVP, Register or Purchase offer First Come, First Served (FCFS) options. For more information view: How to Send Invitations


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