Day 3: Creating Access Types - The backbone of event registration

Now that you know what your event’s registration process will look like, it’s time to get started! When you create a new event, one of the first screens you see is for creating Access Types. An Access Type is your ticket - it’s name, number of tickets, and how the tickets will be available to guests.

If the event is open to anyone, choose Public Registration. If the event is invite-only, choose Invitation. Then select whether tickets will be free or require payment.


To tweak the settings for tickets created here, or if you skipped past this screen, go to Event Access. Here, you’ll see the same options, and a few extras. Give your ticket a name, and choose Public Registration or Invitation. Set when tickets start being available, and stop being available. Enter the quantity of tickets available, how many people can register per session, price and service fee (if applicable), and a description for the ticket. Choose whether tickets can be transferred or not, and lastly, set the order tickets will appear on the registration form.


Ticketing is critical - it will affect your event page, registration options, how guests are notified of the event, and more. It’s best to have a clear guest flow for your event early, and to set up Event Access early, to make sure the rest of the event setup falls into place.


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